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Feb 23

Kon-Tiki – by Karin Jnr.

Ok, so this blog has some lessons in history included. Just a warning to all you people out there who’ve already had too much of school, despite the fact that it’s only just started. It’s a pretty cool history story, and I’ll try to keep you interested. If I’ll succeed is another thing, but I …

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Feb 19

Polynesian Dancing….sort of. – by Karin Jnr.

Frankly, when we arrived in Nuku-Hiva I was quite relieved. We had read a book that took place on the island. It was written quite a few years ago, when there were still cannibals prowling about. The place that they write about in the book actually exists. The writer had spent some of his years …

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May 06

Photos of NY – Part II – by Marike

So many things done and seen, yet we still had explorer passes we needed to use! The month that had seemed so long before, was very quickly disappearing.. I had fun sorting out the options, to see what we really wanted to do out of the remaining options and of those, which ones we would be able …

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May 03

Photos of NY – Part I – by Marike

In this blog I just want to show you a jumble of New York photos that didn’t make it into other blogs. I’ll add comments, so hopefully they won’t seem too confusing. First, my favourite place in New York – Central Park! We took so many great photos in Central park that It would have …

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Apr 07

The People of New York – by the Mom

On our whole trip so far, New York was the first place that we blended in completely. Why? Was this because New Yorkers all look like South Africans? No. It is because there is just no such thing as an average New Yorker. This has to be the melting pot of EVERY culture on earth. …

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Mar 27

New York – by Marike

Yellow. Grey. Glass windows. Leaves. Wind. Stone. Scarves. Lights. These are the things that come to mind when I think of New York. I also think of cold splashing water, pumping up our dilapidated dinghy (JJ), and the grey Hudson river. Shang Du was anchored more than a mile upriver of the 79th street yacht …

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Mar 25

First impressions of New York – by the Mom

It was rainy. And windy. Wet. Cold. Not comfortable in the cockpit at all. We couldn’t keep the wind and rain out with the usual flaps – all of them had to be folded away as it was too dangerous to impede the view. Even though it was so uncomfortable up top, I couldn’t stay …

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Mar 25

Lunenburg – by Franci

The crossing from Cape Bretton to Lunenburg was not a nice one. It was only for about four days, but having the wind right against us made it very uncomfortable. The Bradore Lakes in Cape Bretton had been so flat it was almost like sailing on land, so we had to get used to the …

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Mar 23

Margaree Valley – by Karin (the mom)

For me, Margaree Valley is the heart of Cape Breton Island. Our first introduction to the Valley, was the Margaree Beach. It seemed to take forever to reach it from Baddeck, but the scenery was awesome and the company great. As one of the last activities we could fit in with the Knechtle family before …

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Mar 04

The McCormacks – Marike

The McCormacks The MacCormack familiy is the pastoral family of the Baptist church in Baddeck. We didn’t meet them until after the Knechtles had left. To tell the truth, we only met them on the third Sunday we spent in Cape Breton Island. On our second Sunday we still had our hired car and could …

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