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May 31

The Coconut Crab Adventure & Other Stories – by Sophia

    HALLO!!!!! Today I will take you to the island Suwarro.   Karin J is swinging a rope, that is not an obtusely large and random leafless coconut tree – as some people have mistaken it for. (Karin J)   This was the first and last island where I saw coconut crabs.  Coconut crabs …

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Jan 19

Operation Mahi-Mahi – by Sophia

  Now before I start with this story  I must say that we are not the best fish caching people. So if you happen to be a good fisherman then it would probably be a good idea for you not to read this, because you would get a heart-attack.   We as a family have …

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Jun 02

The Bahamas Experience – by Karin Jr. & Sophia

Karin    Our Bahamas experience was awesome   Sophia    Awesome? I would say it was more than awesome. It was Awesomearistic! We did some seriously awesome dives there. We got rich with Sand dollars and we saw an Eagle ray. Marike and Dad swam briefly with dolphins next to our boat and you wouldn’t …

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May 22

Norfolk per Photo – by The Mom & Sophia

We managed to see a little of Norfolk during our stay at Rebel Marina. One extremely cold Saturday morning we visited the Nauticus Museum in town. We had the opening times wrong, so we had a good look at the outside scenery.  This is the USS Wisconsin Battleship stationed at the Nauticus Museum in Norfolk. The …

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Apr 01

New York overview – by Karin & Sophia

Joint Blog   Sophia:     Hey guys, you might not have known this, but there are actual dinosaurs in New York. Ok, so they don’t have meat attached to them, but still, they were real dinosaurs.     Karin:     Yeah, the dinosaurs are located in the Natural history museum. They’re quite cool, and awesomely big. …

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Nov 17

The Louisbourg Fortress – by Sophia


Jun 20

Barracudas are scary – by Sophia

At the end of a dive I was in a hurry to get back to the boat as I was feeling cold. I swam in front heading for the dingy. As I neared the dingy I saw a silver fish disappear in the distance and wondered if it was a Barracuda. All of a sudden I was surrounded …

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Nov 11

From Salvador to Devil’s Island – by Sophia

Here goes my blog. The first 5 days were horrible because practically my whole family was sick. But the days after that was very beautiful. The water was very blue and clear and when we swam in the sea there was a school of fish it was very amazing. There were dolphins that jumped fully …

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Apr 24

This and That – by Sophia

Last time I did a blog, we were at St. Helena. I’m starting again in Rio. When we came here, I expected something else. The Christ the Redeemer statue looks smaller than I thought it would. (They say it is 13 storeys up). It also looks much closer to the water in the pictures. Rio …

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Jan 16

St Helena Island

The first time we climbed up Jacob’s Ladder I was the first to reach the top, and my sisters were behind me. I felt like the King of the Castle! Or rather, Queen. When we went to the tourist office, and my dad asked if there were any Baptist churches, I didn’t like the idea …

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