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Feb 26

Dives and Currents – by Franci

The thing that is both the beauty and danger of coral atolls is, well the coral. The inside of the coral rings are speckled by countless ‘bommies’ of coral rising up from the bottom to sit just under the water’s surface. If the light hits the water at the wrong angle, such ‘bommies’ are completely …

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Jan 04

Marquesas Crossing – by Franci

This following blog is a little different, because I actually wrote it during the crossing. Sort of like a diary entry especially for the blog, kind of thing. Anyway, so here it is: As I am writing this we are coming to the middle of our eleventh day at sea. We’ve done 1265 nautical miles …

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Jul 06

From Bahamas to Panamá – by Franci

It was by far the worst trip so far on our circumnavigation. We knew that we were actually leaving our departure from the Bahamas a little too late and that most of the favourable weather windows would be closed by the time we left. That is why we took the weather window we did, even …

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May 09

It is HARD to leave New York! – by the Mom

As we fastened the dingy and neatened the deck, we were preparing our hearts for the wrench of leaving the “City that never Sleeps”. We understood so well that the chances of any one of us ever visiting here again, were extremely slim. What we were not preparing for, was the hold that the Hudson …

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Nov 11

From Salvador to Devil’s Island – by Sophia

Here goes my blog. The first 5 days were horrible because practically my whole family was sick. But the days after that was very beautiful. The water was very blue and clear and when we swam in the sea there was a school of fish it was very amazing. There were dolphins that jumped fully …

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Nov 11

Salvador to Devil’s Island – By the Mom

  The 1840 miles to Devil’s Island was the most difficult sailing we have done so far. We left Salvador on the 21st of July 2015. (This gives you a good idea of how behind our blog is). The wind was light and we motored out from the coast to catch some more wind. The sea was …

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Sep 28

Abrolhos Islands – by Karin (The Mom)

We left Buzios in a hurry. Not because we wanted to, but because the cold front was fast. REALLY fast. We blasted forward at a whopping 8 to 11 knots with the wind gusting up to 40 knots in places. It felt good to be sailing at this speed, but also nerve racking. Shang Du …

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Jul 18

1/2 June to 1/2 way July

Hi All =) Sorry it’s been so long since anything has happened here! My follow-up on Rio isn’t really going to happen – I’ll just tell you what happened since we left Rio =). Our last two or so weeks in Rio were a whirlwind of activity. A lot of last minute things had to …

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Feb 10

Making an Entrance

First of all, HELLO WORLD!! It is so good to be in contact again. From 16 December until now, you have been able to see our blog-entries, but we could not see the blog or your replies. We LOVE your comments, please keep them coming. I will endeavour to answer back more often now that …

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Jan 22

The Yachting Community

Yip. So far we are the only “yachties” around with children. We know that there are others out there, but have not met up with them yet . But we did run into some of the most amazing people. There is this one couple, Bill and Cathy Norrie of yacht Terwyn ( If ever you …

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