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Feb 10

Making an Entrance

First of all, HELLO WORLD!! It is so good to be in contact again. From 16 December until now, you have been able to see our blog-entries, but we could not see the blog or your replies. We LOVE your comments, please keep them coming. I will endeavour to answer back more often now that …

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Dec 17

Blogging while Crossing

If you are reading this, it means that I’ve found a way to blog while sailing. The SAT-phone works really well and it seems as if text e-mails are not a problem. I’m sending e-mails to a friend who will graciously post them onto the blog-site. Unfortunately, we cannot send any

Dec 16

Leaving at last!!

After days and days and days (and also some nights) of working, Shang Du is ready to leave! We acted very bravely by trying out a new sea-sick tablet. We really hope that we will not regret this decision – especially as the only instructions accompanying it, was “Take one a day”. None of us are …

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Dec 09

The “Great Trek”

Unlike with the real “Great Trek”, we headed TOWARDS the Cape. We have done this journey so often during the past three years, but never in exactly this kind of style. Sophia reckons that the sum-total of all the packing and planning that Frans has ever done, was only to prepare him for this one trip. The children only saw …

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Dec 09


When will we leave? The latest update shows that we will probably, most likely, if possible, in any event, hopefully, leave sometime during this coming weekend. Work on the boat seems to be getting done – what with Charles and the Three Musketeers (Kyle, Charles and Wesley) all working full time (full time for Cape …

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Dec 07

Packing up our Home

We did it! We actually did it! We packed up our home of 20 years! What a lot of STUFF ! Some we donated. Some we tried to donate, but nobody wanted it. This made its way to the garbage pile – from where the kind people who rent from us will take it to the rubbish heaps. Thank you …

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Oct 25

Five weeks to go…..

On the Twelfth day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me…… 51 rolls of toiletpaper, 14 tubes of toothpaste, 12 litres of shampoo, 12 litres of conditioner, 3 bottles Milton, 6 kg washing powder, 504 paper handkerchiefs, 110 refuse bags, 10 dishwashing cloths, 5 rolls of cotton, 40 hairpins, 4 liters  of dishwashing liquid …and …

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Oct 13

One Month and 17 days……

WOW! Things are really becoming very hectic, very soon. We have just come back from Cape Town where we spend the last – yes, THE LAST, time on our boat before we go down for the final sail. We are determined to set sail during the first week in December. However, Charles – our do-everything man …

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