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Dec 11

Intermission – by Franci

During the three week crossing from Galapagos to Marquesas we, (i.e. my Dad), had time to plan our route through the Pacific and at which islands we’d have time to stop. Unfortunately, because of our long delay in Panama and our deadline to be in Fiji at 1 October, we only had about 3 months …

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Oct 14

Good morning Shelter Bay! – by Marike

Close your eyes. We are now travelling back in time. Okay, we’ve arrived – you can open your eyes now.   “Good morning Shelter Bay Marina…” As the voice crackles over our radio, I tie my hair up in a loose bun. “…is there any medical, emergency or priority traffic? Please come now.” The last …

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Aug 16

Coconuts – by Karin Jnr.

Coconuts rock. I opened coconuts. There is this niche where three coconut trees grow. They are out of the way, sort of on the edge of the jungle, so their coconuts weren’t harvested early to keep the population safe.( Falling Coconuts have caused more deaths than sharks).   The first time I found a coconut …

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Jul 06

Rust Warriors – by Marike

Shelter Bay Marina I will now tell you about our rust warriors. =) One thing that the boat did extremely well in Panamá, was RUST! Apparently, Panamá has just the right combination of salty breeze, humidity, and temperature to make your most well-behaved metal object turn orange. We had SO MANY places break out in …

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