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May 09

It is HARD to leave New York! – by the Mom

As we fastened the dingy and neatened the deck, we were preparing our hearts for the wrench of leaving the “City that never Sleeps”. We understood so well that the chances of any one of us ever visiting here again, were extremely slim. What we were not preparing for, was the hold that the Hudson …

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May 06

Photos of NY – Part II – by Marike

So many things done and seen, yet we still had explorer passes we needed to use! The month that had seemed so long before, was very quickly disappearing.. I had fun sorting out the options, to see what we really wanted to do out of the remaining options and of those, which ones we would be able …

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Apr 20

Bird blog – by Franci

We landed in New York during the best birding season : D. Isn’t God’s timing wonderful? Not too many birds stay in New York area all year round. Most of them migrate through New York to the North in the Spring (for all of us who live in the Southern hemisphere, that’s March through May …

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Apr 14

Coffee – by Marike

Whenever my mom brews herself a cup of coffee, I immediately think of two things: Chocolate cake and New York. The chocolate cake thing doesn’t have anything to do with New York. It’s just that we have an awesome cake recipe that uses coffee, so coffee gives me this idea that there should be cake …

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Apr 13

The First ‘Not so Great’ Dingy Adventure – by the Mom

We are in New York. End of a very long day at the Natural History Museum. We stop at the Fairways to pick up some groceries and head back to the Marina. The way leads through the Yacht Basin Café. This time of night they are closed and the chairs are stacked up on the …

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Apr 11

Central Park – by Franci

A lovely bit of nature amidst the forest of towering glass and steel. It wasn’t always that way. Before the park was built there were houses and shops and people living on that land. But when the petition for a green place for the city dwellers was approved, that land was commandeered. A competition was …

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Apr 08

Rockefeller Centre – by Marike

Close your eyes. Squeeze them tight. Now open them. We are sitting on benches. These are interesting benches. The whole bench curves around a huge, dark brown flower pot. Looking around me, I can see about 5 or 6 more flower pots scattered around the area. The skyscrapers rise up all around the little open …

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Apr 07

The People of New York – by the Mom

On our whole trip so far, New York was the first place that we blended in completely. Why? Was this because New Yorkers all look like South Africans? No. It is because there is just no such thing as an average New Yorker. This has to be the melting pot of EVERY culture on earth. …

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Apr 01

New York overview – by Karin & Sophia

Joint Blog   Sophia:     Hey guys, you might not have known this, but there are actual dinosaurs in New York. Ok, so they don’t have meat attached to them, but still, they were real dinosaurs.     Karin:     Yeah, the dinosaurs are located in the Natural history museum. They’re quite cool, and awesomely big. …

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Mar 29

Shang Du and the Yacht Basin – by Franci

If asked what the average day for us is like, there really isn’t just one answer. The ‘average day’ changes for each different location. At the islands the ‘average day’ usually involves a scuba dive, or a snorkel at the least. Sailing (for me) usually involves putting out the fishing line and –if the weather …

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