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Feb 21

Our first atoll: Raroia – by Marike

When Franci and I reached the age where we were reading a lot, my Dad supplied us with many adventure books. Specifically books that he felt had helped further his “sail around the world” dream. Willard Price’s Hal and Rodger series seemed to have played a big part. It was in one of those books, …

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Feb 19

Nuku Hiva – by Marike

Nuku Hiva didn’t have very clear water, but it wat GREAT to see land again! Nuku Hiva is an imposing island, with shear walls curling around the sheltered valleys. Once we were anchored inside the little bay, we were almost surrounded by land, as the opening to the bay isn’t that big. What do I …

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Oct 27

Galapagos Overview – by Marike

The first things that come to mind when I think of the different Galapagos islands   San Cristóbal Sea lions. Definitely sea lions. They where everywhere! The last time we saw sea-lions was when we were in South Africa, but they weren’t so plentiful or so bold as the ones in the Galápagos. XD I …

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Oct 14

Arriving in Galapagos – by Marike

First thing you need to know about the Galápagos, is that they’re VERY STRICT. You have to apply in advance if you want to visit the islands and even then you are restricted to three islands unless you are willing to pay more than the already hefty “entrance fee”. Most cruisers tend to avoid the …

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Oct 14

Good morning Shelter Bay! – by Marike

Close your eyes. We are now travelling back in time. Okay, we’ve arrived – you can open your eyes now.   “Good morning Shelter Bay Marina…” As the voice crackles over our radio, I tie my hair up in a loose bun. “…is there any medical, emergency or priority traffic? Please come now.” The last …

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Jul 06

Rust Warriors – by Marike

Shelter Bay Marina I will now tell you about our rust warriors. =) One thing that the boat did extremely well in Panamá, was RUST! Apparently, Panamá has just the right combination of salty breeze, humidity, and temperature to make your most well-behaved metal object turn orange. We had SO MANY places break out in …

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Jul 02

Long Island – by Marike

Long Island – Bahamas Long island is exactly that – a long island. After Christmas at San Salvador we moved on to Long Island, because we had heard of a ‘blue hole’ on the island which my dad really wanted to dive in. “Dean’s blue hole” had until recently held the status of ‘deepest blue …

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Jun 05

San Salvador – by Marike

It wasn’t easy to get to the Bahamas. There was a strong wind and only afterwards did we find out the rough journey had cost us our windvane-rudder and wind-generator. -_- That wasn’t so great, but not a shattering loss either. Our poor wind-generator wasn’t the best out there and we haven’t used our windvane …

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May 13

Rebel Marina – by Marike

Close your eyes.   Now open them. We’re hurrying down the dock in the light of the late-rising sun and you can really feel the cold in the air. I’m carrying a bag stuffed with shower things and Franci has her towel over her shoulder. I’m wearing the white hoody we got in Cape Breton. …

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May 06

Photos of NY – Part II – by Marike

So many things done and seen, yet we still had explorer passes we needed to use! The month that had seemed so long before, was very quickly disappearing.. I had fun sorting out the options, to see what we really wanted to do out of the remaining options and of those, which ones we would be able …

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