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Jun 27

Whales, Diving and some other random things about Tonga – By Karin Jnr

Tonga instantly set itself apart from the other islands we’ve been to. Not only because it’s an actual island and not an atoll, but because of the unique labyrinth you have to sail through to get to the harbour of the main island itself. We stopped by the Tongan island named Vava’u. We came round …

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Feb 25

Atolls – by Karin Jnr

Ok, another blog. I guess I’ll write about some pacific place or other, but for now it’s rather undefined. (See that pun? Huh? Huh? Funny right? I am master of all puns!!!)   Well, ok then, let’s get started on today’s subject; Makemo. But first we need to enlighten you on the very last antics …

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Feb 23

Kon-Tiki – by Karin Jnr.

Ok, so this blog has some lessons in history included. Just a warning to all you people out there who’ve already had too much of school, despite the fact that it’s only just started. It’s a pretty cool history story, and I’ll try to keep you interested. If I’ll succeed is another thing, but I …

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Feb 19

Polynesian Dancing….sort of. – by Karin Jnr.

Frankly, when we arrived in Nuku-Hiva I was quite relieved. We had read a book that took place on the island. It was written quite a few years ago, when there were still cannibals prowling about. The place that they write about in the book actually exists. The writer had spent some of his years …

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Aug 16

Coconuts – by Karin Jnr.

Coconuts rock. I opened coconuts. There is this niche where three coconut trees grow. They are out of the way, sort of on the edge of the jungle, so their coconuts weren’t harvested early to keep the population safe.( Falling Coconuts have caused more deaths than sharks).   The first time I found a coconut …

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Jun 02

The Bahamas Experience – by Karin Jr. & Sophia

Karin    Our Bahamas experience was awesome   Sophia    Awesome? I would say it was more than awesome. It was Awesomearistic! We did some seriously awesome dives there. We got rich with Sand dollars and we saw an Eagle ray. Marike and Dad swam briefly with dolphins next to our boat and you wouldn’t …

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May 10

The sideways feeling – by Karin Jr.

Have you ever had the feeling that the whole world was tipping to one side? It’s called the sideways feeling, for those of you who have never heard of it. Having recently arrived in Norfolk, Virginia, all of us on Shang Du had been graced with the opportunity to experience the thrill of this feeling. …

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May 10

The second great dingy adventure – by Karin Jr.

I was instructed to write about something heroic. I can make up a couple of wonderful stories, but the truth would be better. And to be completely truthful, I wasn’t really instructed to write about something heroic, but I’m going to anyhow. Norfolk, Chesapeake bay. While we were still in New York, the great Dingy …

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Apr 01

New York overview – by Karin & Sophia

Joint Blog   Sophia:     Hey guys, you might not have known this, but there are actual dinosaurs in New York. Ok, so they don’t have meat attached to them, but still, they were real dinosaurs.     Karin:     Yeah, the dinosaurs are located in the Natural history museum. They’re quite cool, and awesomely big. …

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Oct 17

Kennedy Space Centre – by Franci and Karin Jr.

F. Okay, this blog about Kennedy Space Centre is going to be an interesting one, because to get it going Marike got Karin and I to write on this blog together. I’ll write a paragraph, then Karin will write a paragraph. That’s the plan, anyway. We’ll just have to see how this goes. . . …

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