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Feb 26

Dives and Currents – by Franci

The thing that is both the beauty and danger of coral atolls is, well the coral. The inside of the coral rings are speckled by countless ‘bommies’ of coral rising up from the bottom to sit just under the water’s surface. If the light hits the water at the wrong angle, such ‘bommies’ are completely …

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Jan 04

Marquesas Crossing – by Franci

This following blog is a little different, because I actually wrote it during the crossing. Sort of like a diary entry especially for the blog, kind of thing. Anyway, so here it is: As I am writing this we are coming to the middle of our eleventh day at sea. We’ve done 1265 nautical miles …

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Dec 11

Intermission – by Franci

During the three week crossing from Galapagos to Marquesas we, (i.e. my Dad), had time to plan our route through the Pacific and at which islands we’d have time to stop. Unfortunately, because of our long delay in Panama and our deadline to be in Fiji at 1 October, we only had about 3 months …

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Nov 23

Galápagos overview add-on – By Franci

First of all I want to apologise to all our readers for the time it has taken for us to put up a new post. During our stay among the Pacific Islands we had the very legitimate excuse that there simply was not enough internet for blogging. But I’m afraid no such excuse can be …

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Jul 06

From Bahamas to Panamá – by Franci

It was by far the worst trip so far on our circumnavigation. We knew that we were actually leaving our departure from the Bahamas a little too late and that most of the favourable weather windows would be closed by the time we left. That is why we took the weather window we did, even …

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Apr 20

Bird blog – by Franci

We landed in New York during the best birding season : D. Isn’t God’s timing wonderful? Not too many birds stay in New York area all year round. Most of them migrate through New York to the North in the Spring (for all of us who live in the Southern hemisphere, that’s March through May …

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Apr 11

Central Park – by Franci

A lovely bit of nature amidst the forest of towering glass and steel. It wasn’t always that way. Before the park was built there were houses and shops and people living on that land. But when the petition for a green place for the city dwellers was approved, that land was commandeered. A competition was …

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Mar 29

Shang Du and the Yacht Basin – by Franci

If asked what the average day for us is like, there really isn’t just one answer. The ‘average day’ changes for each different location. At the islands the ‘average day’ usually involves a scuba dive, or a snorkel at the least. Sailing (for me) usually involves putting out the fishing line and –if the weather …

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Nov 17

The Two Rivers Park – by Franci

We always love visiting Zoos and Parks. We enjoy seeing animals that we have never seen before. : ). The Two Rivers Park has a big, open area of green fields and a pond, but all the actual enclosures are located in the adjacent forest. Its almost as if you were walking on a path …

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Nov 02

Birds in Nova Scotia – by Franci

The bird life of the American continents is very different from those found in Africa. The differences between the two American continents themselves are quite marked, if perhaps less varied in the tropical areas. Not only is North America a new continent for me, but neither have I been as far north as Canada before …

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