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Jun 27

Whales, Diving and some other random things about Tonga – By Karin Jnr

Tonga instantly set itself apart from the other islands we’ve been to. Not only because it’s an actual island and not an atoll, but because of the unique labyrinth you have to sail through to get to the harbour of the main island itself. We stopped by the Tongan island named Vava’u. We came round …

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May 31

The Coconut Crab Adventure & Other Stories – by Sophia

    HALLO!!!!! Today I will take you to the island Suwarro.   Karin J is swinging a rope, that is not an obtusely large and random leafless coconut tree – as some people have mistaken it for. (Karin J)   This was the first and last island where I saw coconut crabs.  Coconut crabs …

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Apr 30

Diving Bora-Bora by Karin (The Mom)

We all love diving, but Frans is the real force behind our diving adventures. He fights an ongoing battle against his withdrawal symptoms when we don’t dive enough. He was determined to do as many dives as possible at Bora-Bora. Even so, it took us a while to orient ourselves and find the “right” diving …

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Feb 26

Dives and Currents – by Franci

The thing that is both the beauty and danger of coral atolls is, well the coral. The inside of the coral rings are speckled by countless ‘bommies’ of coral rising up from the bottom to sit just under the water’s surface. If the light hits the water at the wrong angle, such ‘bommies’ are completely …

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Feb 25

Atolls – by Karin Jnr

Ok, another blog. I guess I’ll write about some pacific place or other, but for now it’s rather undefined. (See that pun? Huh? Huh? Funny right? I am master of all puns!!!)   Well, ok then, let’s get started on today’s subject; Makemo. But first we need to enlighten you on the very last antics …

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Jun 05

San Salvador – by Marike

It wasn’t easy to get to the Bahamas. There was a strong wind and only afterwards did we find out the rough journey had cost us our windvane-rudder and wind-generator. -_- That wasn’t so great, but not a shattering loss either. Our poor wind-generator wasn’t the best out there and we haven’t used our windvane …

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Jun 02

The Bahamas Experience – by Karin Jr. & Sophia

Karin    Our Bahamas experience was awesome   Sophia    Awesome? I would say it was more than awesome. It was Awesomearistic! We did some seriously awesome dives there. We got rich with Sand dollars and we saw an Eagle ray. Marike and Dad swam briefly with dolphins next to our boat and you wouldn’t …

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May 09

It is HARD to leave New York! – by the Mom

As we fastened the dingy and neatened the deck, we were preparing our hearts for the wrench of leaving the “City that never Sleeps”. We understood so well that the chances of any one of us ever visiting here again, were extremely slim. What we were not preparing for, was the hold that the Hudson …

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Jun 20

Barracudas are scary – by Sophia

At the end of a dive I was in a hurry to get back to the boat as I was feeling cold. I swam in front heading for the dingy. As I neared the dingy I saw a silver fish disappear in the distance and wondered if it was a Barracuda. All of a sudden I was surrounded …

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Jun 20

Conch Shell Snails – by Marike

Before we knew to look out for these snails, I didn’t see them. There were just so many fish to look at! However, once we knew to look out for them I started noticing them,. Each time I would flip one over to see if it would flip right way up again. (Or rather, HOW it would complete this …

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