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May 31

The Coconut Crab Adventure & Other Stories – by Sophia

    HALLO!!!!! Today I will take you to the island Suwarro.   Karin J is swinging a rope, that is not an obtusely large and random leafless coconut tree – as some people have mistaken it for. (Karin J)   This was the first and last island where I saw coconut crabs.  Coconut crabs …

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Apr 30

Diving Bora-Bora by Karin (The Mom)

We all love diving, but Frans is the real force behind our diving adventures. He fights an ongoing battle against his withdrawal symptoms when we don’t dive enough. He was determined to do as many dives as possible at Bora-Bora. Even so, it took us a while to orient ourselves and find the “right” diving …

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Apr 05

Bora-Bora by Karin (The Mom)

Bora-Bora is a Honeymoon destination par excellence. We, of course, were not on honeymoon. Approaching Bora-Bora from the sea, on your own little boat, just HAS to be VERY different from coming in to land on a jet-plane, staring starry-eyed at the beautiful island and enclosed lagoon. The news that friends of ours had run …

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Oct 27

Galapagos Overview – by Marike

The first things that come to mind when I think of the different Galapagos islands   San Cristóbal Sea lions. Definitely sea lions. They where everywhere! The last time we saw sea-lions was when we were in South Africa, but they weren’t so plentiful or so bold as the ones in the Galápagos. XD I …

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Oct 14

The night of the sea lions – by Karin (The Mom)

We love the fact that we are sailing in a Mono-hull. That is, if we don’t think of the speed with which Catamarans sail, or the fact that they hardly roll at sea, or their great view out of the saloon…. Seriously, we DO love sailing in Shang-Du and we especially appreciated her finer Mono-hull …

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Oct 14

Arriving in Galapagos – by Marike

First thing you need to know about the Galápagos, is that they’re VERY STRICT. You have to apply in advance if you want to visit the islands and even then you are restricted to three islands unless you are willing to pay more than the already hefty “entrance fee”. Most cruisers tend to avoid the …

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Oct 14

Good morning Shelter Bay! – by Marike

Close your eyes. We are now travelling back in time. Okay, we’ve arrived – you can open your eyes now.   “Good morning Shelter Bay Marina…” As the voice crackles over our radio, I tie my hair up in a loose bun. “…is there any medical, emergency or priority traffic? Please come now.” The last …

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May 22

Norfolk per Photo – by The Mom & Sophia

We managed to see a little of Norfolk during our stay at Rebel Marina. One extremely cold Saturday morning we visited the Nauticus Museum in town. We had the opening times wrong, so we had a good look at the outside scenery.  This is the USS Wisconsin Battleship stationed at the Nauticus Museum in Norfolk. The …

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Nov 17

The Two Rivers Park – by Franci

We always love visiting Zoos and Parks. We enjoy seeing animals that we have never seen before. : ). The Two Rivers Park has a big, open area of green fields and a pond, but all the actual enclosures are located in the adjacent forest. Its almost as if you were walking on a path …

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Nov 17

The Louisbourg Fortress – by Sophia


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