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Jun 27

Whales, Diving and some other random things about Tonga – By Karin Jnr

Tonga instantly set itself apart from the other islands we’ve been to. Not only because it’s an actual island and not an atoll, but because of the unique labyrinth you have to sail through to get to the harbour of the main island itself. We stopped by the Tongan island named Vava’u. We came round …

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Jan 04

Marquesas Crossing – by Franci

This following blog is a little different, because I actually wrote it during the crossing. Sort of like a diary entry especially for the blog, kind of thing. Anyway, so here it is: As I am writing this we are coming to the middle of our eleventh day at sea. We’ve done 1265 nautical miles …

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Nov 27

Birds, birds, birds : )

The one nice thing about writing a blog about a place after everyone else has already written about it, is that I can write what I like and you readers pretty much know what I’m going on about : )   As I have stated before, there are a lot of birds in Brazil. So …

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Nov 16

French Guyana by Franci

Believe it or not, but since we left Cape Town – during this entire trip – not one fish was interested in our trolling fishing line. Well. . . okay there was one, but we only noticed because there was no longer a lure on the line when we pulled it in. I changed the lure one or …

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Jun 04

My take, which consists mainly of birds – Franci

I’m sure that at least some of you are wondering if there are really as many birds here as in the animated film Rio. The answer is no, but almost. Here in the city they are small and easy to miss if you are not looking. Hummingbirds especially, can pass unnoticed. They flit about so fast …

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Apr 21

There’s life in the Bay – Franci van Zyl

I was excited about coming to Brazil, because it has one of the largest amounts of bird species reccorded in one country. Round about 1,712 species. So far I’ve seen about 40 of those. No, its not a lot, but I dare you to name 40 different bird names without using the internet or a book …

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Jan 25

The art of eating and other things – by Franci

We are having trouble getting the engine to start, so we are basically at a standstill when there is no wind . . . just like it was this morning. So we took down all the sails we had up (which were just flapping around anyway), and went for a swim. All six of us …

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Jan 15

Not Birds

There are still a few more things I want to write, but my previous blogging piece is so full of birds I decided I had to make a new category. We had a resolve ever since we read about Jacob’s Ladder to go up there every day. When you see the pictures you will understand …

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Dec 29

Franci’s point of View

My Mom has informed us girls that we each need to write something for the blog; my only problem with this is that she only informed us just before she expected us to start writing. I managed to dodge the task for a day or two as I tried to think of something to write, …

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