Monthly Archive: October 2015

Oct 21

Salvador – Further In and Up and Away – by Karin (the Mom)

NEXT THING TO DO ON OUR LIST: : Go UP the Lacerda Elevator to the Historical Centre of Salvador. The Elevator takes 22 seconds to rise 72 meters. It can take 126 people at a time in 4 separate lifts. The queues are VERY long during peak hours, but they were not too long at 10h00 in the morning. Many …

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Oct 14

Salvador – Hitting the Streets – by Karin (the Mom)

We showered (under running water), we slept (without night-watches and worry), breakfasted late and listened to a Church Service online. At last, we were ready to exercise our land muscles. We were moored at the Centro Nautica marina situated at the foot of “Old Town” or the “Historic Centre” of Salvador. This is where Salvador’s …

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Oct 12

Salvador – First Impressions – by Karin (the Mom)

We started seeing Salvador’s lights around midnight. It was very dark and we were approaching the land under sail. Why? Because our engine broke – again. The wind was very light so this was definitely not by choice. But then…… if we had the “luxury” of using the engine, we wouldn’t have been near Salvador …

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Oct 05

The Engine – By Karin (the Mom)

On the way to Devil’s Island, travelling beside the long Brazilian coastline, the engine once again upped and died. This engine has received more loving care and probably more money spent on it than the combination of all our land vehicles during 23 years of married life. The engine did not die due to neglect …

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