Monthly Archive: March 2015

Mar 19

Shopping in Rio and other things

  Even though our foodstuffs lasted really well over the two ocean crossings, it seriously was time to buy more. The girls craved pork sausages (this was after they worked each other up to the point of drooling) and we couldn’t remember what a fresh egg looked like. For quite a while our experience showed …

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Mar 17

Photos – Second Atlantic Crossing

Our second Atlantic crossing took 27 days. We started on the 10th of January from St. Helena, wanting to get to Rio de Janeiro as soon as possible. Little did we know that our engine would fail underway. We could not motor whenever the wind died down. We could do nothing, except go for a …

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Mar 05

Franci’s take on our entry into Rio de Janeiro.

I haven’t written for quite a while, so i’m just going to go waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. Bear with me. When we were drawing near to South America my dad kept on telling us that THIS is what we are going to do when we reach the anchorage and exactly how the anchoring procedure would work. He …

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